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Selling your property with Houses on Internet

At "Houses on Internet" you sell your property yourself and will save thousands of Euros on agency's fees. Our fee of 2.5% is of course included in the selling price and therefore eventually paid for by the buyer as usual, but this low fee means you can choose to have a higher net vendor price.

We supply you with the contact details of the potential buyers that respond to the adverts and websites of your property.
The appointments and viewings etcetera are done by you. After you have an agreement with a buyer, you simply ask your local notary to set up the 'compromis de vente' and he takes over from then. The notary's fees are paid for by the buyer.

When you have agreed to our terms (see below), one of our local representatives will visit you to take photographs and gather the information we need. Then we proceed through the following three steps:

  1. We make a dedicated website for your property (in English, French and Dutch), containing on average about 50 good-sized photos and all information a potential buyer could ask for; not just everything about the house and the garden, but also about the neighbourhood, the views, the schools, the shops, etc.


  2. We then connect your website to the main site of Houses on Internet, which brings you about 125,000 visitors per month. That is nice, but not enough for what we have in mind, so we proceed with step three.


  3. We have selected a number of high-profile international websites that give us the best response for the best possible price and made whole-sale agreements with them. So we buy adverts (for your property) on these websites and connect them to the individual site we made for you. This way, your property is displayed to over 1.5 million potential buyers per month worldwide.


What does it cost?

For creating your website in three languages and taking all the necessary photos, you only pay us part of the cost price upfront. This website will remain online until your property is sold plus international adverts on the above mentioned websites

  • The price for making the website and the photos, including international advertising until your property is sold is
    € 550,-- incl. VAT.

After your property has been sold, you inform us if the buyer came to you through "Houses on Internet". In that case we then send you an invoice for "successful advertising". This price depends on the value of your property and is only 2.5 % of the selling price with a minimum of € 2,000. As this fee is included in the selling price, it is actually paid for by the buyer, as usual in France.

For properties over € 1 million, we have special rates:

The fee in case of a sale through Houses in Internet is: The start-up fee for the website and international advertising until sold is:

1.9 % of the selling price with a maximum of € 30,000.

€ 675,--


We would like to point out that we only charge the above fee when your property is sold through us. If it is sold through another channel, no fees will be payable to us of course.

As you can see, our concept is based on trust as we expect our clients to be satisfied with a quick sale.

To sign up and start the sale of your property now, fill out the form below and we will call you to confirm and answer any questions you might have.